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I’m here to help you overcome your silly mindset blocks. I’m here to motivate and push you on those days where you really want to give up. I’m here to bounce ideas off…and when we find an awesome idea, I’m here to help you come up with the ways to execute it and market it to perfection. I’m here to help you create consistency — not only in your business, but in your life.


Hey Sista, Soul Sista

It's me, Katharine! (Kat for short.)

I truly believe you found my page for a reason and I am so happy you are here. Here's a little bit of about me.

I am 27 years young living in the beautiful Charlotte, North Carolina with my husband and our pup Bella. I absolutely love all things business, mindset, manifestation, graphic design, music, fashion, home decor, and supporting local businesses.

I first started my business as a brand and website designer. I’ve had the chance to design amazing brands and websites for so many amazing women, but I always felt like something was missing. I was consistently feeling burnt out, but also feeling called to give more to my clients. I was feeling the need to help people with more than just the visual side of their brand because I believe that there is so much more than goes into building an incredible business than just the visuals. That’s when I had the download to pivot my business into brand and mindset coaching — but I didn’t just make that decision overnight. I sat with it, journaled on it, looked for signs. Then out of the blue, a past client reached out for this very service and well, the rest is history!

I’m not here to be like all the other coaches out there. I’m not down for the fill in the blank captions and inauthentic marketing tactics. I’m here to help you create a real, genuine brand. To help you realize that when you just be yourself and run your business in a way that feels aligned (and fun!), that’s where the magic lies. And it’s that magic that allows you to create a truly magnetic brand that people can’t look away from.

I believe that business is about 30% strategy and 70% mindset. Sometimes, I would go as far as saying that it’s 10% strategy, 90% mindset…because that’s how powerful I believe the mind is. When you come from a place of desperation, lack and inauthenticity, people can feel that and they are immediately turned off. Then on the opposite side, when you are living in an aligned, abundant, positive mindset, you are unstoppable and magnetic and people can’t help but stare.

I’m not going to sit here and promise you that you’re going to start making 10k+ months after hiring me. It doesn’t work that way and anyone who tells you it does is lying. I am, however, going to promise you that when working with me, you are going to start feeling that spark again for your business and enjoy promoting your products/services. You’re going to feel more aligned, you’re going to feel your mindset shift from lack to abundance, you’re going to start to believe that growing a wildly successful business is possible for you. You’re going to see growth, but it’s not going to happen overnight. You are going to have to work hard at it and I’m going to be right by your side, holding you accountable and cheering you on the entire time.

Let's Make Magic Together!

“I can confidently say, working with Katharine as my coach has saved my business without a doubt. She always is coming up with fantastic ideas to help make my business succeed while also helping me grow as a business owner. Katharine is thorough in everything she does, and will go above and beyond anything you ask for. She puts her all into everything she does and you can tell by all the amazing content she creates. She constantly checks in on my mental health and puts my happiness before anything. Within the past year, she has not only become the best mentor & coach, but also a friend. I trust her 100% with my business and highly recommend anyone who is thinking about working with her.” 


Brand Audit And Mini Rebrand
Brand Clarity Strategy Session
Pricing And Services Re-Vamp
Email Marketing Integration
Mindset Journal Prompts + My Favorite Journal Gifted To You
Monthly Goal And Intention Setting
Healthy Business Routines
Social Media Content Calendar
Email Marketing Content Calendar
My Eyes And Approval On All Marketing Materials
Weekly 60 Minute Zoom Calls
24-7 Voxer Access
Cheerleader Style Support and Accountability


Pay in full: $950/month for 6 months


Payment plan: $475/month for 12 months

6 month minimum commitment

It's Time For You To STOP PLAYING SMALL And Start Building The Business And Life YOU DESERVE




Social Media Coaching + Consulting

Mindset Coaching



Thanks soul sister, we will be in touch soon!

Questions Regarding Our Services? Just Want To Chat? Fill Out The Form To Your Right And We Will Get Back To You Within 24 Hours!

Questions Regarding Our Services? Just Want To Chat? Fill Out The Form Below And We Will Get Back To You Within 24 Hours!